WatchPAT® Home Sleep Study

If our dentist, Dr. Brett Barney, and team think you require a home sleep test, we will use WatchPAT® in Chandler and Tucson, Arizona, and Sandy, Utah. WatchPAT is a portable diagnostic device used in sleep medicine to conduct sleep studies and diagnose sleep disorders, including sleep apnea. WatchPAT stands for Watch Peripheral Arterial Tone, and it offers a convenient and accurate alternative to traditional in-lab sleep studies. If you have any questions, call Desert Sleep Solutions LLC today at 520-663-0419!

The WatchPAT device consists of a small wristwatch-like device that is worn on the patient’s wrist during sleep. It utilizes advanced technology to measure several physiological parameters, providing valuable data for sleep analysis. One of the key measurements obtained by WatchPAT is peripheral arterial tone signal (PAT), which assesses changes in blood flow and detects disruptions in breathing patterns.

The setup process for a WatchPAT sleep study is relatively simple. The patient receives instructions on how to wear the device and is provided with a comfortable finger probe and a chest strap. The finger probe measures blood oxygen levels, while the chest strap monitors respiratory effort and movement. The WatchPAT device itself records the data.

During the sleep study, the WatchPAT device captures a wide range of data, including oxygen saturation, heart rate, snoring, body position and sleep-wake patterns. It also provides a comprehensive assessment of sleep architecture, including sleep stages and the presence of sleep disturbances.

After the sleep study is completed, the data collected by WatchPAT is analyzed by specialized software. The software automatically generates a detailed report that includes information about sleep apnea severity, sleep quality, and the frequency of breathing events such as apneas and hypopneas. This report is then reviewed by our dentist to make an accurate diagnosis and recommend appropriate treatment options.

Get the Sleep You Need Today!

Get the Sleep You Need Today!